The Project Ava Story


Project Ava was founded in 2013 as an LLC at the University of Denver. Originally chartered as a media company seeking to produce creative works to support social justice movements and non-profit organizations, Project Ava was successful in producing a number of short films throughout Denver, CO. Our works ranged from spoken word pieces to a film series on refugee families to social commentary.

In 2014, Project Ava started an editorial and began our process of sharing stories in written word. When a few of our stories went viral, it was in this stage of our organization where we recognized the power of first-person narratives in any form of media. We also realized that we were lacking resources to be sustainable solely as a media company.

As of 2016, Project Ava proudly holds a 501(c)(3) status and strive to provide a safe space for people who care to share what they care about. We feature Storytellers from all around the country sharing meaningful stories from a wide range of topics regarding social justice and social inequalities.

But there’s more— we believe traditional, mainstream media is dominated by privileged narratives. We believe celebrating those underrepresented makes the world more aware and empowered. We believe fostering understanding amongst people builds communities. We believe meaningful stories can inspire change.

Our Storytellers

Project Ava is proud to host a platform where underrepresented storytellers from around the country share their stories. We aren’t professional writers, photographers, designers, editors, poets, musicians, or filmmakers. We are everyday people with meaningful stories and thought-provoking perspectives.

Not all of our Storytellers agree on every issue we publish, and our goal is to always present a diverse range of stories from across multiple experiences. Everything you find on our site will be first-person, though, because we never speak on behalf of someone else and encourage people to claim their own narrative.

If you’re interested in becoming a Project Ava Storyteller, we definitely encourage you to submit an Interest Form.



If you’ve got feedback, recommendations, or any additional questions about what we do, how we do it—anything, really—we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.