Guest Contributions

We are always accepting first-person narratives from underrepresented individuals to be published on Project Ava. From a previously published masterpiece to a never-before-told story just aching to be shared, we want to hear from you.

What Are We Looking For?

Project Ava publishes first-person narratives and personal essays that often go unseen in the mainstream media. These can examine a variety of social issues including diversity, education, violence, health, poverty and environmental issues that impact you personally. We want pieces that make your personal truth universal. Does your story tell a broader truth about your community/society? If so, then we are eager to read about it!

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay guest contributors who publish with Project Ava. But, if your personal narrative is struggling to find a home or an audience, we may be the place you’ve been looking for.

How to Submit:

  • Email with “submission” in the subject line.
  • Include your piece as an attachment with a concise description in the body of the email. Tell us who you are and why you want to share your story on Project Ava.
  • If your piece has been previously published, make sure to include a link to the original. You don’t have to attach your piece as a separate file but still include a short description and why you want your story to be on Project Ava’s platform.
  • We occasionally accept pitches for work to be published. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Describe the story you want to write, why it matters and why you’d be the right person to write it. Include any examples to your writing that you have, even if you’ve never been published.

When publishing with Project Ava, you retain ownership of your writing. You simply allow us to share your writing on our platform using a one-time publishing license.  For more information, check out our Terms & Conditions.